What is Giclée?

Giclee (zhee-klay) prints are produced with state-of-the-art archival inks and paper on a high-resolution, large-format, inkjet printer. They are typically printed as short runs and can be printed one at a time to order. The inkjet "dots" are much smaller than typical offset printing, and the resulting image is crisper, stronger, and the colors truer to the original art. One-at-a-time printing lets me offer more than a thousand of my fish images as prints, where there would otherwise not be enough demand to warrant a run of prints on an offset printing press. There are simply too many images to enter in the "Shop," so simply e-mail Joe Tomelleri with questions about size, price or availability or to purchase a particular print.

Scan of a Giclée Print

(hover over image to zoom)

offset print - 175 line-screen
12X magnification - click to zoom


giclee print - 12X magnification
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